About Us

Innovating Healthcare with Experience and Compassion

Our Genesis

Consolidate Health was born from first-hand experience. Our founding team, armed with decades of expertise in healthcare, has spent considerable time at the point of care, witnessing the challenges faced by doctors and patients. Understanding these pain points intimately led us to envision a solution that could transform healthcare delivery

Empowering Through Technology

Our vision is simple yet profound: a world where healthcare data empowers rather than encumbers. We believe that patients own their data and should be the ones deciding how it's used. Alarmed by the reality of third parties profiting from patient data, we created Consolidate Health – the first platform where patients can not only control but also share in the value their data generates.

A Seamless, Integrated Solution

Understanding the needs of healthcare providers, Consolidate Health offers a solution that seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, presenting a complete and accessible medical history. This integration ensures that healthcare professionals can concentrate on what they do best – providing top-notch care. Simultaneously, we empower patients with a secure and transparent system to manage and share their health records, upholding their right to privacy and control.

Join Our Vision

We, at Consolidate Health, are committed to reshaping the healthcare landscape into one that is more cohesive, efficient, and patient-focused. Join us on this revolutionary journey, where your health data isn't just protected – it's truly yours.

Write to us at hello@consolidate.health or drop in a demo request on the form