Frequently Asked Questions

What is Consolidate Health?

Consolidate Health is a patient-centric platform designed to simplify how you manage and access your health records. Once your records are connected to our platform, you gain full control over who can view them. You can easily share them with your doctors to ensure they always have the most current information for optimal care. 

Additionally, if pharmaceutical companies and clinical researchers show interest in your data for research purposes, you will be notified and can review each request. Every access to your data requires your explicit approval, ensuring you are in command at all times. 

You will always receive compensation for participating in research initiatives with our partners, highlighting our commitment to empower you to benefit financially from the value of your health data.

For Providers: Keeping track of patient records can be a challenge. We simplify this by enabling patients to share their records with you directly, saving you time and ensuring you have the complete picture.

For Life Sciences & Clinical Researchers: Access consented patient data that gives you a clearer understanding of the patient journey. Our platform connects you with patients willing to share their data, providing you with valuable insights for your research.

Why did we start Consolidate Health?

We saw a gap in how health data is handled. The idea that others profit from your health data without your consent didn't sit right with us. Plus, having all your health records in one place just makes sense for your care..

How can I earn money through Consolidate Health?

Your health data is valuable, especially to pharmaceutical companies and researchers who are always in need of real, consented patient data. Our platform lets these trusted partners access your data — with your permission, of course — and you get compensated for it.

Why share my data?

Your health data is already out there, possibly being used by companies to profit. We offer a way for you to take control of that data and earn from it, all while contributing to medical advancements. It's about putting the power back in your hands.

What happens when I share my data with partners?

When you choose to share your data, it means our partners get a detailed look at your health records. They might reach out with additional questions, but only if you've agreed to such contact. Transparency and control are key here.

How do I get personalized medical insights?

Opting in for personalized insights means getting the latest information on treatments and drugs, directly related to your health. These insights come from our partners, like leading pharmaceutical companies, and yes, they're sponsored. We're transparent about the benefits we receive for sharing these with you.

How do I log in?

Visit For easier access, add the app to your home screen. Here are easy instructions for adding us to your home screen on iOS (Safari), iOS (Chrome), and Android.

How do I add health records or connect a doctor?

  1. Login to your account on Consolidate Health

  2. Click “Connect My Doctor(s)” on the homepage

  3. Search for your Doctor’s office, then click on its name

  4. Follow the instructions to login using your patient portal info

  5. Select all the previous healthcare data to share with Consolidate Health

  6. Follow the steps on screen to complete the connection process

And you’re all set!

Can’t find your doctor?

If you don’t see your doctor listed. Please let us know by sending an email to We're constantly working to expand our network.

What is "sync"?

Regularly syncing your records ensures they’re always up to date. We’re aiming to automate this soon for even greater convenience.

How does Consolidate Health use my data?

We’re committed to privacy. Your data is yours, and we don’t share it without your explicit permission. You can read more about our privacy policies here..

How to add Consolidate Health to your home screen?

Adding us to your home screen is simple and makes accessing our services quicker. Here’s how for iOS and Android.

Below are videos that explain how to do this, just click the link for the web-browser and phone you’re using:

Is it secure?

Yes! We prioritize your data’s security with the latest protections in place. At Consolidate Health, we understand the importance of privacy and security when it comes to your health records.

We adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We rigorously implement industry best practices to safeguard your data, ensuring confidentiality and integrity. Our commitment to security is unwavering, as we employ state-of-the-art encryption and secure storage protocols.

For those interested in the finer details of our approach to data and privacy, we invite you to review our comprehensive Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. These documents provide in-depth information about how we handle and protect your health information..

Does it cost anything?

Our service is free for patients. We’re here to enhance your healthcare experience without adding financial stress.

Will this replace doctor visits?

Not at all. Our service is designed to support your healthcare journey, ensuring you and your healthcare providers have easy access to your medical history.

Need help?

For any questions or support, reach out to us at